Claire Menck is an international award winning chef, restaurateur, and scholar.  Claire has been in the food service industry for over twenty years, winning awards from the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, Women Chefs and Restaurateurs, the International Food Service Editorial Council, and the James Beard Foundation; as well as a host of other professional accolades.

Her passion for food has led her to investigate issues of sustainability in the global food system from an academic perspective.  In addition to holding degrees from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, New England Culinary Institute, and the University of Phoenix, Claire is presently finishing her doctoral work at Antioch University in the PhD in Leadership and Change program.   Her research focuses on how communities have used cuisine to establish and maintain meaning and cohesion in response to the twin crises of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the most recent BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast region of Louisiana.  She continues to work on how communities engage in the conversations about building a more sustainable future in the face of recurring threats, natural and man-made.

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May 8, 2010